Around me

LISTENING EXPERIENCE – Record the sounds around you and share them with the tribe.

To participate in the creation of this collective art work -joining the group of young European and Mediterranean co-authors- just listen and record some sounds (noises, voices, music… nice or ugly… for about 60 seconds) that surround you in the places you pass through and live (home, school, gym, square, streets, hypermarket, park, etc.), using your cell phone and follow the listening experiences we propose below (but you can always invent your own way of capturing the sounds around you).

Finally, share your tracks.


Join the WhatApp TT Group and participate in co-creation by following the rhythm of the group. Email us “Yes, I want to participate in WhatApp Group”, to express your choice adding the cell phone number with which you want to join.
Or you can sing up directly at this website to upload your tracks yourself.


  • Choose a Listening Experience (you can start wherever and make as many as you like) or follow the group’s beat in WhatsApp.
  • Have the experience for as long as you want. You can repeat the experience as many times as you want, at other times of the day and in different places.
  • Record the sounds with your cell phone (around 60 seconds per track).
  • Share it in the TT WhatsApp group (or in Upload Area), adding the title of the experience and a very short description (or some keywords about it).


#1 Your own space

In your room, in a particular place in the park, in a cafe, by the sea….
or in any other place you feel good in… Stop. Listen (even with your eyes closed). Record the sounds around you. Record and share among the tribe.

#2 Walking in your town

Choose a route you usually walk by. Listen.
Record sounds along a section of the route or move randomly around your city and listen and record the sounds that attract you. Share among the tribe.

#3 A common space

Choose any public place you usually frequent: school, gym, pub, shopping mall, square, etc. Choose a place where there are people around you… (might be crowded as well). Stop. Listen. Record the sounds around you or listen and record as you move through that space. Share among the tribe.

#4 The nature around you

Nature is a source of life energy.
The backyard, the city park, the riverbank, a trip to the mountains or the sea… Enjoy nature: go for a walk, ride a bike… Listen. Record the sounds around you and share among the tribe.

#5 Daily sound

Choose a moment during your day: breakfast, bus or bike ride, theater or music class, sports exercise, etc.
Any daily activity you do… Listen and capture the familiar sounds that characterize that moment. Record and share among the tribe.

#6 Create a sound

Choose one or more objects to your liking (cutlery, plastic bottles, pens, paper, branches, leaves, stones, etc.). Listen to the sound they make, shaking them, whisking them, crumpling them, dragging them…
Create your own sound, your own music… (if you play a musical instrument, you can use it). Record and share among the tribe.

#7 Message to the future

In 1977, NASA launched the Voyager Golden Record into space, which contains sounds, music and images of the diversity of life on Earth-a narrative aimed at any extraterrestrial, present and future intelligent life forms. What sounds or voice message would you launch into space? Record and share among the tribe.