Building future scenarios helps us to choose the steps to take in both our personal and collective lives. To do this we need to activate our  imagination, and creativity.

There are speeches that inspire and have inspired entire generations. Search them and find the one that belongs to you and share it.

There are values, imaginaries, opportunities that we need to build a place to live well in the future.

What are yours?

What are you doing to build a better future than the present you are living in?


Do you remember what you said you wanted to be when you grew up?
Are you making your wish come true? Yes? No?
Tell us how you are building your future.
If you don’t remember, interview your parents, or people who were close to you when you were little and ask them, it will be fun.
Record your stories and share it with the TeenTribe community.


In a linear concept of time, the future has not yet taken place. It is a time that will come later.

Cognitive intelligence gives us useful information about future events and allows us to predict inevitable consequences of actions and situations.

We live in dialoguing communities. The future is the result of the ability to bring together the different needs of communities, invent new paradigms capable of harmonizing the whole in a sustainable way as we proceed.

We can see the future happen without interfering, letting ourselves flow passively in its becoming. Others will decide, or we can use our creative energy, share our dreams, our ideas, and aspirations, make them tangible.

We can get involved, participate without fear of failure, and help to develop a future where we can all feel at home. It is the only way that humanity can induce a change.

Give voice and sound to your future!


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