Life energy

How would you describe your life energy?

What do you do to recharge it when you feel empty?

The vital energy influences our everyday lives.

Think for a moment which sound or music makes you happy or tell the TT community what you do to raise your vital energy.

When you are ready press play and record your contribution, it will help others to feel good.


Nature is a source of vital energy. The air we breathe, plants, land, water, and all living beings contribute to a good quality of life and give us vital energy. Go for a walk or take a bike ride into nature and record the sound that makes you feel good.


Ruah in Hebrew, Ki in Japanese, Pneuma in Greek, Spiritus in Latin, Prana in Sanskrit… common to every culture is the vital energy, the breath of life. It is a conscious and intelligent energy, which vibrates within us but also outside of us. Every living being and place has its own vital energy, this energy is the basis of a person or place’s good health. It is not a static energy, but a variable flow, there are moments where we feel so much vital energy; we are open, light and everything seems to flow. At other times, we feel empty, heavy, sad and nothing goes right. There are physical spaces where you feel good, protected and their energy can give you a boost. Other spaces are gloomy, poorly cared for, with a sense of fragility and insecurity, and maybe you don’t even know why.

Have you ever wondered what magic ingredients are needed to construct or turn a place into one with good, vital energy!?

Give voice and sound to your life energy!


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