You have at least two or three communities that you frequent every day: school, social networks and family.

How do you live among them?

Walking or stopping to listen to a community, you will hear sounds, noises, languages, have you ever recorded them?



Imagine a person that does not know where you live, what is the sound that you would like to share that represents one of your communities?

Search for it and when you find it, take your phone and press record and share it in the TeenTribe community.


We are social animals. If we were to talk to an alien about how we live, we might say that one of our characteristics as a species is that we live in communities.

Community is a word of Latin origin: it comes from munus, which means to fulfil a task and cum, which means together with others. The term community has prevailing meanings: the first indicates a form of collective life steeped with a deep feeling of belonging, trust, and mutual dedication.
Take, for example, the community of your friends, the family or other people who love each other.

The second meaning indicates any group of people linked by one or more factors (language, values, area, religion, profession, economy, politics).

Communities are complex systems: they are not always easily adaptive to the needs of all the elements that compose them. Democracy is one of the experiments adopted by human beings to try to give voice, value and recognition to the various elements that compose a community, or the combination of more communities called society.
Each one of us has different experiences of both meanings, sharing experiences helps us understand and improve our shared lives.

Give voice and sound to your community!


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