Pay attention to this feeling, explore your small or big fears, how do they manifest?

What is the sound of your fear?

Find a sound that when you listen to it reminds you of a fear moment in your life.

Also, you can tell a personal story or share tricks that help you to overcome your fear.


One of the ways to  overcome fears is by sharing them.

You can organize a pizza party or a fear night party and record part of the conversation with your friends.


It is an emotion dominated by instinct. Its goal is the survival of the person in a dangerous situation. Fear can help us understand what is happening to us. Fear can stop us from realizing our dreams and desires, and some types of fears can influence your daily quality of life. 

You are  not alone with your fears. According to the European Barometer young people are afraid of becoming victims of violence, any kind of discrimination, sexual assault, and isolation (47%), being in an ongoing war status (43%), not achieving success in life (33%), the lack of jobs for young people (37%) and not being able to start a family (41%). There is a big fear for the future, climate change, or not knowing what to do when we grow up.

Give voice and sound to your fears!


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